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⬇️ Hi there! I'm Kasper, an Associate Professor at the Department of Architecture, Design, and Media Technology at Aalborg University in Denmark. My passion lies in tech innovation and Participatory Design, and I'm driven to create positive change in African communities through the power of cutting-edge technologies and human partnership for sustainable solutions.
🌍 My research revolves around exploring the possibilities of emerging technology, e.g. Virtual Reality, mobile systems, and green energy for innovative tech development and use in contexts not saturated with tech.
🤝 Always carrying with me a strong emphasis on Participatory Design, I firmly believe that technology should be a tool that empowers and serves the people it's designed WITH and to remain critical to the embedded perspectives in technology design. By actively involving local stakeholders in the design and development process, I ensure that the technology we create is not only culturally sensitive but also relevant and sustainable, addressing the unique challenges and preserving the rich cultural heritage of these communities. For a while I co-designed social robots with cognitively impaired and primary care institutions, or have been engaging with sustainable architecture and VR - all demonstrating to me the power of interdisciplinarity. Therefore, I consider myself technology agnostic but a human-centered co-designer for Diversity.
📝 My commitment to tech innovation and participatory design is evident in my extensive publications and contributions to prestigious conferences and journals. I strive to share my knowledge and insights with the academic and professional communities, fostering collaboration and advancing the field of technology for sustainable development.
🎓 I am Program Coordinator on the Medialogy education and Career VIP. Teaching and mentoring students have been an integral part of my journey. For over a decade, I've had the privilege of delivering courses at AAU and NUST, guiding students through problem-based learning, UX methods and research design, data analysis, graphical design, research in emerging technologies such as Spatial User Interfaces, and much more. I also foster collaborations with various companies, both locally and internationally, to provide students with real-world project opportunities and broaden their horizons across Danish, European, and primarily African contexts. It's incredibly rewarding to empower students with hands-on experience and witness their growth and contributions to impactful projects.
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