Virtual Savannah


I am currently developing; since spring of 2009, with my developer group at uni, an infotainment system for Aalborg Zoo. By introducing 3D graphics, game engine functionality and dynamic GUI elements we bring new user experiences and alternative (read:innovative)learning methods to the visitors of the park.

The motivation behind the research is to create a new method of gaining knowledge, while being entertained by a diversified media system, which uses high quality 3d graphics and a touch based, dragable and modern Graphical User Interface.

Those dull text plates are going "bye, bye!"

Autumn 2009: The focus at the moment is business generation, development of the product and testing. By including business model thinking, we strive to see future scope of the product and gain insight into mechanisms of the modern consumer markets. We also develop the GUI system, and overall system. This is for incorporating new assets and optimizing the users' experience with the system. Lastly, we are also planning to conduct several tests and try to spring new research by evaluating and mapping 'how' and 'where+when' the users gather information in our system. This is for seeking possibilities into making the product more tailormade to the individual demographics.


Spring 2009: We are finalizing our documentation, and have just completed analysis of quite a large body of evaluation data. All extracted from a 3 days long public evaluation in the park. Hopefully this will be the start to something exciting, and possibly new research.The results all indicate, that users from all age groups can benefit from the system and our hierarchical categorization of product needs; functionality, usability and hedonic value sets, support this.The evaluation was covered by University Press, and the story was afterwards picked up by local press. More on where we have been featured here.


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